TOOLEX 2020 was one of only few industrial events that took place as planned, on 29th September 29 - 1st October. Despite unfavorable conditions, companies involved in the production or distribution of machining machines or cutting tools presented themselves at Expo Silesia. There were also presentations of measurement systems and accessories supporting measurements as well as software for the engineering industry. Many exhibitors presented devices and technological solutions whose main goal is to effectively improve production and reduce its costs. The industry scope was supplemented by the offer of oils and greases used in industry and coolants used in metalworking processes.

The trade fair industry  faces many challenges nowadays, yet the key value of the fair for enterprises still remains the same: the possibility of establishing new contacts, maintaining existing relationships and presenting modern solutions and services. This year's edition of the fair was held under the slogan "TOOLEX - we drive the economy together". As organizers, we hope that each industrial event at Expo Silesia, organized even on a smaller scale than before, will be a milestone in reviving the economy. Trade fairs are the best tool to fight recession thanks to the possibility of rebuilding face2face business relations.

We would like to thank all the Exhibitors and Visitors who were with us in these difficult times! We are already planning the next edition of TOOLEX, which will take place on September 28-30, 2021. The Expo Silesia team is doing everything to make the next fair season successful and contribute to the business success of many companies in these difficult times. We are in constant contact with exhibitors and potential exhibitors, we agree on terms of cooperation with partners and develope a program of accompanying events and promotional activities. At the same time, we take care to introduce safety rules so that our facility and the events taking place there are completely safe for their participants. We are aware that the pandemic has frustrated many companies' development plans. Participation in TOOLEX has always been and will always be a key element of the implementation of sales plans. Therefore, as organizers, we will make every effort to ensure that the next edition of TOOLEX will provide them with an opportunity to establish new contacts and return to financial stability.